Completion the first phase of Majhi settlement

The housing Construction work of Integrated Model Majhi Settlement in Chautara Sangachwok Municipality ward no 14 ,Sindhupalchwok, has  been reached to the final stage.

The project was started in July, 2017 by organizing a grand program in the chief presence of former CEO Dr. Govinda Pokhrel (NRA). After two  years of its stone laying program , housing phase has reached near the completion. 
Till this date, 50 houses out of 53 has been completed while others are in last stage.Now, the coloring and  door fitting works are running at great speed .SSF is going to start other physical infrastructure management work as a second phase after the completion of housing.SSF have a plan to set up infrastructures like  Community building, Health post, Children garden, Stone paved road, Drainage, Main Gate, Water Fountain, Retaining wall,Communal septic tanks etc.  Total 40 million is estimated for all these structures beside housing. Recently, Nepal Reconstruction Authority(NRA) has allocated 16.8 million fund for basic infrastructure management. SSF is seeking for  remaining 24 million fund to complete the overall infrastructure development. SSF has made a vision to develop Majhi community as a home-stay destination .

SSF is planning to organize a house warming  program before the monsoon.After forwarding community people inside  the house, other infrastructures management work will be started. SSF has a plan to complete the second phase of the project within Dashain ..

The estimated cost of each house is 0.7 million excluding  the cost of   roofing, coloring, window and door fitting and plastering. Each house hold has received Rs 3 lakhs from government as a grant support and remaining 4 lakhs from Laxmi bank as an individual loan .Till this period,  Rs 36 million has already been invested in housing construction .