Economic deficiency in construction of Majhi settlement

Construction work of Integrated Model Majhi Settlementin Sindhupalchock, has reached the mid stage. Shweta Shree Foundation is building 53  houses for  53 earthquake affected Majhi families. "We have completed 45 %  work of the housing construction till now, but  nowadays we are facing the financial problem for further work " said Yagya Raj Karki(Project Manager). He added " Community people are not receiving the grant support on time from Government so the work is not in speed due to the delay of installment, but  we are fully optimistic that we will get  financial assistance from government as soon as possible" .

Recently Shweta Khadka has taken 2.5 million  from  a bank as a loan. The taken loan has been  provided to community people  to start the stopped work" Shweta Khadka said " Work will resume soon"  meanwhile, Shweta Khadka added that she would hand over the settlement to the target group before the Dashain.

The president of  Local user's committee Mr Dinesh Majhi Said that he had never imagined he would see such a settlement in the locality. He thanked the foundation for helping the Majhi  community and bringing them closer through the integrated settlement. 

 According to Mr Yagya raj Kark, SSF will manage all the needed basic physical infrastructures, including  Road, Drainage, Water Fountain, Childern Park, Open air theater after the completion of housing phase at a cost of  20 million rupees.  

SSF is planning to promote as a home stay destination to this settlement.