SSF Constructing the Model Majhi Settlement

After about two months' closure, the construction work of Integrated Majhi settlement has been resumed from December-2017.As per Shweta Shree Foundation(SSF) 's Project Manager Mr. Yagya raj Karki, the project was halted for 52 days due to the season's festivals and the elections. According to Mr. Karki, till now, the plinth level of 12 houses has been completed and additional foundation work of 16 houses has started. The Majhi community living under the cold roof of CGI sheet, along with the age long shadow of illiteracy, unemployment, and lack of awareness is now visualizing a new ray of hope as the construction work proceeds. For the concerned stakeholders including Sweata Shree Foundation, this is a matter to be happy. Yet the greatest happiness will come once the last Majhi family moves into its dream house. 

"We are committed and are in a hurry to complete this project as soon as possible but we increasingly feel our single-handed effort is not enough for this", said the Shweta Shree Foundation’s President Ms. Shweta Khadka. She added "We are feeling the lack of adequate level of coordination among the concerned government sectors." According to her the project is going slowly because of the lengthy process such as the approval from the related government sectors. However, the Technical Assistant of Shweta Shree Foundation, Mr. Prakash Dahal is working hard at the site.  As per Mr. Dahal, the co-ordination and help from people is going smoothly. He however notes the earthquake victims are not getting the allocated installment of grant support from government on time.  
"We are very happy to receive continuous support from Shweta Shree Foundation",said Dinesh Majhi, a local resident. According to him, community people are actively engaged in construction work as laborers. He adds "We are building our community ourselves and SSF is guiding us, therefore we will build a model community living sooner than later."
Regarding the project, the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) methodology has been applied. The grant support of the government and the soft loan from the Laxmi Bank will be used for the housing construction. Laxmi Bank is going to provide 4 lakhs per house for 7 years at the interest rate of 2 percent. The total cost of each house is 7 lakhs. 
According to MrKarki, all the basic infrastructures for community people like Community building, children park, Road, Drainage, drinking water system and electricity will be managed from the side of SSF."Our main contribution starts after the completion of the housing", he said, and added "After that, we will begin to install the needed infrastructures". 
SFF's Advisor Prof. Prem Khatry said, "Ideally, the Majhi people will receive and enjoy a new community life for the first time. SSF must see that the pain of the mega quake of 2015 will soon be over with the new construction in place. We all look for that moment when all the Majhis – child, youth and old – will have a comfortable living as a solid, compact community following the traditional culture, sharing love, care and concern among themselves. They will remember all those who are involved in the project but SSF will always be the first in the lane of their memory."