Message from president

I set my life's objective to be a successful businesswoman. I wanted to also inspire other females to be like me but destiny put me into an altogether different path. I never thought I could be a film actress but that has happened. I found that Director Akash Adhikari was in search of a heroine for his new movie - Kaha Bhetyiela and the popular hero of the day Shri Krishna was taking the leading male role. Aakash Adhikari came to me with the proposal of having me as Shri Krishna's counterpart. I didn’t feel I was able to take up the role as I was his fan. He had impressed me with his act and dance skill. So I couldn’t deny their proposal and accepted it. We completed the shooting of the movie working closely joking, laughing and exchanging life experiencing. The movie was released. The viewers liked our role and the film was successful. This made our relation even closer and we realized that we were in love – close and committed to each other. Meanwhile another film – KOHINOR- was planned under Shri Krishna's own banner. Here also we both worked together. By the time of release of that movie, our love was the talk of the town so we decided to marry and we got married in July 2014.
 After a week of our marriage, he got sick. We decided to go Delhi for his checkup. But soon after Shri Krishna had to be admitted to Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi as some complications had arisen in his health. He was diagnosed ' pneumonia' and bone cancer .' I felt like falling from a cliff, suffering from pain in my brain. Treatment for his problem started. But he couldn’t survive long bearing the serious health problem. Finally, he left this world for his heavenly abode on 11th August 2014.Our movie KOHINOR was released before 2 days of his death. He did not get chance to watch his last movie. 
With him gone, I was a lonely person, helpless without any support. In less than one month of marriage I was a widow. With this, I had lost my memory along with the vermillion powder, the sign and symbol of marriage. I had shunned all conversation will and power and preferred loneliness. Meanwhile my family took me to the US for treatment. I spent six months there. During this time a mega quake hit Nepal's mid west region. Many lost lives and thousands lost their homes. As a result I decided to do something about this at the Majhi settlement of Sindhupalchok, the home district of my (late) husband. I was determined to do all possible through an integrated settlement through Shweta Shree Foundation (SSF). Soon the work began for 53 new houses using the resources of the Majhi and the donation of the government. SSF decided to install all infrastructures like road, drinking water, community building and children's park. SSF believes this will be a model settlement. I know I, or for that matter, SSF cannot do all. Since the work is going on is a fast speed, we need cooperation from individuals, and organization. I, therefore, request you all to extend hands in this work of charity. Come, let us walk hand in hand for a lovely, well organized and managed Integrated Majhi Settlement.