About Majhi community

The Majhi is among the most back warded communities of Nepal, reeling under the extreme poverty. Traditionally, they sustain their living by fishing. The project area is located onIndrawati river bank which is 10 km far from the main marketof the area, Dolalghat.  A total of 62 Majhi families are residing in this community with 375 populations. The Majhi families of the project area are ultra-poor. All the houses of the Majhi families were flattened by the earthquake of Baishakh 2015. After the earthquake, they are living in the flimsy hut made   temporarily.

This community is like a shadow under the light which is overlooked by the government sectors, NGOs and INGOs. The public transport has not reached there so the people have to walk for 3 hours (10 km) to get to the public transportation.