The proposed earthquake resistant Integrated Settlement Project for the Majhi community  to be implemented in Sindhupalchok district by Shweta Shree Foundation is a model project . This is unique in terms of healthy living with facilities, sanitation, provision for open spaces, and land- use pattern. 
Nepali movie artist, Mrs. ShwetaKhadka–led team had visited that community for the fi rst time on February 6, 2017. During that visit, MrsKhadka made an announcement to build an integrated settlement for 62 Mahji families who had lost their residence. After that announcement, Khadka established Shweta Shree Foundation in the memory of her husband late Mr. Shree Krishna Shrestha to implement the project.
The settlement would be made children and disabled-friendly including a community building, a children's park, open space for get-together, stone paved roads to reach all households. The settlement is being raised in 20 ropani of land. Fourana of land is allocated for each house. The land for this is managed by integrating the private land of beneficiaries.  All houses will have similar design and quake resistantcapacity.
The money for the integrated settlement will be generated from the government grants, local investment and foundation’s grants. The Foundation will raise the fund for basic infrastructural facilities. The integrated settlement will be developed as a home stay destination for national and expatriate guests.
Basic public services likeclean drinking water, sanitation facilities and power supply will be ensured in the settlement where a public building as well as a communal bio-gas plant is also in the list of facilities to be constructed.