Locals set example of integrated settlement

 “After the earthquake, I never thought, I would have a house to live in again. But we now have a house with the support of various peopl more

Completion the first phase of Majhi settlement

The housing Construction work of Integrated Model Majhi Settlement in Chautara Sangachwok Municipality ward no 14 more

Economic deficiency in construction of Majhi settlement

Construction work of Integrated Model Majhi Settlementin Sindhupalchock, has reached the mid stage. Shweta Shree Foundation is building 53 more

Updated news about Majhi Settlement

After about two months' closure, the construction work of Integrated Majhi settlement has been resumed from December-201 more

The Turbulent Flow Of Indrawati

(Prem Khatry)

Remember the one time hit small scre more

Shweta Khadka Announced New NGO Shweta Shree Foundation

Posted by Anup Baral Mar 10, 2017 
Shweta Khadka have quoted a tattoo in her right hand which ha more