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Shweta Khadka

I set my life's objective to be a successful businesswoman. I wanted to also inspire other females to be like me but destiny put me into an altogether different path. I never thought I could be a film actress but that has happened. I found that Direct


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Economic deficiency in construction of Majhi settlement

Construction work of Integrated Model Majhi Settlementin Sindhupalchock, has reached the mid stage. Shweta Shree Foundation is building 53  houses for  53 earthquake affected Majhi families. "We have completed 45 %  work of the housing construction till


Updated news about Majhi Settlement

After about two months' closure, the construction work of Integrated Majhi settlement has been resumed from December-2017.As per Shweta Shree Foundation(SSF) 's Project Manager Mr. Yagya raj Karki, the project was halted for 52 days due to the season


Dhaka Club Limited donated USD 20 thousands to SSF

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